Interpreting is priced by the hour. In St. Petersburg, the minimum engagement is 3 hours. The price depends on the format of the event in question, (regular talks, seminars, etc.), the time of travel to the place of work and other factors. Interpreting at events requires careful preparation, the translator looking at the topics to be covered and becoming familiar with the presentations and special terms. Please submit materials to look at ahead of time!

The price of a lengthy interpreting engagement is always discussed separately. Business trips continuing for several days are priced by the day.

The price of text translations depends on the complexity and lengths of the texts. To do a quality translation, the translator needs no less time than the author of the text needs to write it. Each translation is special. Translations that take much work are more expensive. The sizes of translations are measured in translator's pages. The standard A4 translator's page is 1800 symbols, including spaces. This is measured by the statistics utility of the Microsoft Word. One page of a regular typical translation or that of a large size translation is cheaper.