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Finnish-Russian-English translators and interpreters in Saint Petersburg

Translation Agency Grigori Konopelko is an original Russian translation agency. We are professional native translators with real understanding of Russian language, Russian culture and Russian identity. When you need Russian expertise, use excellent Russian experts! We provide professional translators and interpreters from and into the Finnish and Russian languages. We have been engaged in translating and interpreting for over 15 years. We assist our clients, individuals, companies and organizations in establishing and maintaining their relations with foreign partners.

Our specialization in Russian and Finnish, a long time experience in translating and interpreting, the use of modern dictionaries and specialized translation programs and competitive prices guaranty the best price to quality ratio.

We cooperate with other professional translators and translation companies as well as with experts in the Finnish, English and Russian languages.

We provide written translations of official documents, general and specialized texts, as well as oral consecutive and simultaneous translations.

We offer clients an individual approach and comprehensive linguistic services.

We flexibly adapt to the client's needs and requests, but without compromising the quality of the translation.

Our clients are numerous Finnish and Russian companies and organizations, unions and associations, research organizations, museums, informational centers, secondary and higher schools, tourist agencies, business development agencies, Real Estate companies, companies engaged in metal, plastic and wood processing, construction and transportation companies, hotels and restaurants, advertising agencies, exporting and importing companies, state agencies, committees and courts of law and arbitration, law firms, translation companies and individuals.

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